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Forever 21 Eyeshadow Palette Reviews and Swatches

The Naturals Palette

Natural Palette Collage

The Sunkissed Palette

Sunkissed Palette Collage

I’ve been eyeing the Stila and Urban Decay Palettes for a while but I cannot justify nearly 50 dollars for eyeshadow at this time. I was really excited when I came across these palettes at my local Forever 21 from their Love&Beauty line. I was skeptical because they’re so cheap( each palette cost me only $6.80) but since purchasing them I haven’t used any other shadows. I thought they would be chalky but they are actually really smooth, and super pigmented. Out of the two the Sunkissed Palette  is my favorite simply because I love the colors in it but they’re both amazing. I definitely think everyone should give them a try! As far as I know the Naturals Palette is available online but they’ve switched the packaging to plastic ( not sure if they’ve changed the formulation as well on those) and the Sunkissed Palette isn’t available on the site anymore .If you’re interested I’d suggest you head to the store instead where they have a large variety of each, as well as some others like the smoky palette.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and are having a lovely Monday morning!




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