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Current Favorites

current favorites early july

1. Raw African Black Soap: During the month of May I was experiencing a period of awful skin. Everyday I would get a new breakout and I couldn’t find anything to help it. What made it even worse is that the acne was leaving dark spots everywhere on my face.Then I remembered that I had this. This soap  is now my absolute favorite cleanser I will never purchase anything else for my face. To use it I just take a tiny pea sized amount on my finger and put a little water into my hand then lather it up. After using it my skin feels smooth and clean but not tight and super dry. Since using it my dark spots have faded, the texture of my skin has improved, and I haven’t experienced any breakouts.I picked up a huge chunk of this stuff at the Indian grocery store near my house for about 5 dollars . It came packaged in labeled plastic wrap and  I’ve since transplanted it to an old jar I found around the house for ease of using it. I also found it works great at cleansing the body and scalp, and well as clearing up body acne. The look of  it and texture kind of resembles earwax so if you’re looking for some super fancy  cleanser  with a milky texture then this probably isn’t for you. However if you love natural skincare I would definitely recommend that you give it a try!

2.Sephora Microsmooth Baked Foundation: I love this foundation because it really covers all my imperfections but leaves my skin still feeling bare. I decided that I’m officially over liquid, and cream foundations because I can’t stand that feeling of having an extra product on my skin. Usually I do one layer and then if there is anything not covered I can go over that again and it covers it up.  Or some days I only use it on areas where I need it and it’s so seamless that you don’t notice there’s foundation on some parts of my face and not others.It’s definitely a buildable foundation. I purchased mine in the shade Deep Ebony.

3. Sleek Blush By 3 ‘Sugar’ Palette : The center shade is a shimmer while the other two are matte. I find the mattes to be really great for everyday because they just give my skin a hint of color without making me look clownish. I love the center shade for days when I want more luminosity. It’s definitely wearable for day  wear because while there is shimmer, its  very subtle.

4.Victoria’s Secret Prime and Set Makeup Spray: This keeps my makeup looking the same from the time I put it on till late at night when I go to cleanse my face. Definitely a new staple for me. As far as I know this is only sold in the stores not on the website.

5. Inglot 77 Gel Eyeliner: This eyeliner is so pigmented and dark. I was really amazed by the consistency of it as well. The product is ultra creamy and just glides right across my skin. I only need a very tiny amount, so I think this product will last quite a long time.

6. Wet n Wild ‘Berry Shimmer’: Check out my  Wet N Wild Haul from last week  to read my thoughts about this product and see some swatches.

That concludes my June Favorites. It was really a great month for me because i found a lot of new products that I think will be staples in my everyday makeup for as long as they’re available. I hope you all had a lovely month as well. I would love to hear about the beauty favorites you discovered in the month of June.

Till next time XoXo,



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