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October Favorites 2013


1. Salon Selectives Spa Body Wash: I’m totally addicted to heavily scented bath products, especially Philosophy 3-1 Shower. gels. However, since moving off campus I’ve had to cut down on my spending so a 16 oz bottle of shower gel for 16.50 just isn’t something I can afford at the moment. I was so excited when I found this product at my local BigLots store for only $3.50.


-Heavily Scented(could also be a con depending on personal preferences, but if you love body washes like Philosophy’s French Vanilla bean you’ll love this)

-32 oz bottle w/ a pump, making it perfect for college students


-Cruelty Free



-Just a body wash, not a 3-in-1 product

2.Real Techniques Buffing Brush dupe from ebay: Perfect for blending in foundation. Cost me $2.99 and the brush is really great quality.

3. BioInfusion Curl Creme: I use this every morning after applying my leave in conditioner and it leaves my hair really soft while defining my curls.

4.John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum: I believe this product is intended to be used on hair before heat styling which I don’t do. However I apply it on my hair on days when I know it’s quite humid outside and it really eliminates frizz

5. Loreal True Match Foundation: Medium Coverage. Pretty good color range. Leaves a dewy ‘luminous’ finish on your face without looking greasy. Contains SPF 20. Claims to improve skin, and while my skin has gotten better since using it I also started a new skincare routine at that time so that could also be the reason I’ve noticed a change.

7. Spring it: Yepp, I skipped 6 , oops haha. Anywayz this is an easy effective hair removal device for the face. It pulls hair from the root so of course it’s a little bit painful but if you’re used to threading or even plucking hair with tweezers it shouldn’t be much more painful than those methods.

8.Zapzyt: I apply this under my facial moisturizer each day and my acne has definitely gotten alot better. In the beginning I noticed my skin became flaky and dry so i tried using it every other day but noticed my acne came back. I now add a face serum to my routine under the zapzyt which handles the dryness problem and still allows me to use it everyday to keep my acne away.

9. Black Radiance Concealer: I dont use concealer on my face as many of my dark spots have faded by now, but I do have pigmented lips that aren’t the same shade throughout so i purchased a concealer to apply before the application of a lip product. The color range is really great for african american women. I purchased the darkest shade which is a few shades  darker than my skin tone but its great for my lips as well as for contouring . The fact that it’s in a stick for makes it easy to apply to my lips and face. I almost forgot to mention the best part. It was only $1.99.

10.Maybelline Whispers in the shade Orange Attitude: I purchased this over the summer but never really used it. Now that its fall I really want to try out bold lip colors but I’m so used to nude lipsticks. I remembered I had this product lying around and I’ve been using it as a transition lip color until I’m brave enough to wear more opaque ones. It definitely gives color to your lips, but it’s sheer and you can still see your lips through it. The product is quite mositurizing and would be perfect on its own without a lipbalm.

11) Dabur Vatika Egg Protein Deep Conditioning Hair Mask: I’m a huge fan of any hair product you can find at the indian grocery stores but this is by far my favorite. I wash my hair, apply this sleep with it in over night with a hair towel and once I rinse it out in the morning my hair feels extremely soft, is much shiner, my curls are more defined, and my hair smells amazing.

12) Braun SIlk Epil 5280: This is an epilator intended for use on legs as well as on your body. It cost me only 60 dollars on amazon and it’s one of my best purchases this year. The epilator comes with 3 head attachments , a coolong glove which I don’t use, as well as a little brush to clean the head attachments. I use this all over my body and it keeps my hair away for about two and a half weeks. Again, like the MySpringIt this can be painful. Though the pain is no more than that of waxing or threading.

So I guess that’s the end of my october favorites! I hope you all enjoy this post, and I would love to hear what some of your favorites were this month.

-xoxo Samantha


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